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BMW X5 Facelift 2022 Has a Scary Face

Lately, spyshots are often circulated which are claimed to be the facelifted version of the BMW X5 being prepared. From road tests to the latest in snow, the X5 facelift aka LCI (life cycle impulse) shows a number of visual changes, even though its body is covered in camouflage. Not yet confirmed for the X5 or X5 M, which clearly shows a more aggressive style for this luxury SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).

You can see the facelifted version of the BMW X5 has a radically sculpted new bumper. There is also an air vent. In the center is a hexagonal object, possibly an ADAS sensor to aid in driving. Then on the side inserted a kind of gills (air curtain) in the shape of the letter J.

Then the front highlight is confirmed to use BMW Laser Headlight technology, just like the existing model. So, not just an ordinary LED. The glow can also be adjusted (adaptive). The facelifted model features slimmer headlight housings and a slightly revised grille. Certainly not as big as The President X7’s. The shape is still pleasing to the eye, feels not excessive.

However, little is known about the use of the new bumper. It may also be deliberately prepared for the M Sport variant. Because this prototype model is seen using a braking system with blue M Sport calipers. Then regarding the proportions of the stern, not much has changed from the current model. The shape of the tail lights, the position of the exhaust holes and a pair of reflectors attached to both sides. Just a different wheel design.

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The change was allegedly continued in the cabin. Because previous spy photos show the SUV will adopt a minimalist shifter, updated switchgear and interior layout inspired by the iX series. The digital instrument cluster may measure 12.3 inches, while the infotainment system should have at least a 14.9-inch display. Leather material (soft touch) to decorate a number of panels and car seats should still be available. The premium impression highlighted by the X5 is sure not to fade.

More on powertrain options. BMW has confirmed plans to use hydrogen power. But built in limited numbers for demonstration and testing purposes. Known as the iX5 Hydrogen, the car will feature two carbon fiber reinforced hydrogen storage tanks. And the electric motor produces 369 HP (275 kW / 374 PS).

When referring to regular gasoline engines such as the Indonesian market version X5 xDrive40i. The unit uses a 3.0-liter engine using a twin-scroll turbocharger, Valvetronic fully variable valve timing, Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing and High Precision Direct Injection. The maximum pressure of 350 bar ensures that the fuel is delivered in very precise doses. This six-cylinder pacemaker produces a maximum output of 340 HP between 5,500 and 6,500 rpm. While the peak torque of 450 Nm is available from 1,500 – 5,200 rpm. This option may be retained.

Seeing Hyundai Ioniq 5 2023 Use a Bigger Battery with Advanced Technology

After the first generation of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 reaped success being marketed in several countries, now Hyundai is preparing to present the latest generation of the Ioniq 5 in 2023. Reportedly, this South Korean car manufacturer will make various improvements to the latest version, including battery technology that is used with a higher capacity.

Hyundai will pair a battery with a capacity of 77.4 kWh in the latest loniq 5 generation with maximum power and performance capabilities. The loniq 5, which is currently being marketed, is powered by a 73 kWh battery that drives dual electric motors with a maximum power of 295 hp. Meanwhile, the Hyundai loniq 5 also provides the lowest variant with a battery capacity of 58 kWh which has a maximum power of 162 hp.

In the 2023 model later, the Hyundai loniq 5 which uses a 77.4 kWh battery capacity is claimed to have greater power and torque than the two previous models. Although official data from Hyundai regarding the latest generation of loniq 5 has not been released to the public.

An interesting technology that will be installed in the loniq 5 battery version 2023 is a feature that helps adjust its temperature in all conditions. This also affects optimizing charging both in hot and cold conditions. In addition, Hyundai will also make improvements to the handling, suspension and response of the rear wheels to produce a more dynamic and stable driving when accelerating.

Hyundai will also provide a choice of additional features such as a digital inner mirror and an outer mirror which also comes with a digital display. Although Hyundai will focus this service specifically on the European and South Korean markets.

“The Ioniq 5 has proven highly successful in the 12 months since its launch, both in terms of sales and brand development. This segment is growing increasingly competitive, and we will offer enhanced features to maintain our position as a technology leader in the automotive industry.” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice-President of Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Group.

The Hyundai loniq 5 is also scheduled to be marketed in Indonesia this year to complement the lineup of Hyundai electric vehicles such as the Kona Electric and the loniq Electric.