7 Pros and Cons of Toyota Innova Zenix Hybrid

What are the advantages of the Toyota Innova Zenix or Innova Hybrid that launched globally in Jakarta, Indonesia? This question is certainly raised by potential customers. The reason is, Innova Reborn or the old model has been very loved by the public, proven to often enter the ranks of the best-selling cars in Indonesia.

This model is also planned to be exported to 13 destination countries including Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The Innova Zenix model is equipped with two engine options: 2,000 cc conventional (Innova Zenix) and 2,000 cc hybrid (Innova Hybrid).

For the conventional model, there are only two variants: gasoline type G with a price of Rp 419 million and gasoline type V with a price tag of Rp 467 million. While the hybird version of Innova has three types, namely G with a price of Rp 458 million, V Rp 532 million, and Q Rp 611 million.

The advantages of Toyota Innova Zenix can be seen from the more economical fuel consumption, as well as the presence of many modern features, such as panoramic sunroof, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, open the trunk with voice commands, and many more. Want to know more details about the advantages of the Toyota Kijang Gen-7? Here’s the discussion:

1. More economical fuel consumption

Toyota Innova Zenix uses 2 engine configurations: hybrid (M20A-FXS) and gasoline (M20A-FKS). Both are mated to a 10-speed CVT transmission. So, it no longer has a diesel engine variant.

For the gasoline variant, the Innova Zenix is powered by a conventional M20A-FKS engine with a capacity of 2,000 cc. This mechanical heart is the same as that used by the latest Toyota Voxy. Its performance is capable of reaching a maximum power of 167 hp at 6,600 rpm and a peak torque of 202 Nm at 4,900 rpm. The fuel consumption is claimed to be 15 km/liter, more efficient than the gasoline engine in the old Innova model or Innova Reborn.

Furthermore, the M20A-FXS hybird engine has a capacity of 2,000 cc Dynamic Force combined with Lithium Ion batteries. This engine is the same as the one used by the latest Toyota Prius that was recently introduced in Japan. The combination of the engine and electric motor is claimed to be able to produce a maximum combined power of 223 hp. Meanwhile, the fuel consumption is claimed to be 21 km/liter.

The Innova Hybrid’s ability to save fuel is also better than the old Innova Diesel engine because the Innova Reborn with a 2GD diesel engine with a 2,393 cc turbo, can only save 14 Km/liter of diesel.

Innova Hybrid’s fuel consumption is also much better than the competitor, Wuling Almaz Hybrid. The five-diamond SUV can only save 19 km/liter.

2. Panoramic Sunroof

The next advantage of Toyota Innova Zenix is the presence of a panoramic sunroof. This is indeed a shortcoming of the old Innova model. Even though competitors such as Wuling Cortez and Kia Carens already use glass on the roof.

Now the presence of a panoramic sunroof, certainly makes Innova Zenix more competitive than rivals. Because in terms of size, the roof glass turns out to be very large, stretching from front to back. From inside the cabin, passengers can also see the natural scenery more easily. Plus, this sunroof makes the cabin feel more spacious.

The presence of the sunroof also makes the interior of this Innova Hybrid more luxurious, especially because there is ambient light on the left and right sides. However, the presence of panoramic retractable roof Innova Hybrid variants V and Q only. While the G variant does not have it.

3. Captain Seat Ottoman

The next advantage of Toyota Innova Zenix is the use of captain seat ottoman. This is different from the regular captain seat. The ottoman type is certainly more comfortable for passengers. The difference is in the presence of a footrest that makes sitting in the seat more relaxed. This is called an advantage, because competitors such as Wuling Almaz Hybrid, Wuling Cortez, and Kia Carens do not have it.

Plus, there are electric settings in the Innova Zenix captain seat ottoman. However, this captain seat ottoman version is only available in the highest or Q variant of Toyota Innova Hybrid. While the G and V variants are not available.

Another comfort feature obtained by passengers in the second row seat of the Innova Zenix is two large 10-inch screens, specifically for the Q and V variants. This dual rear seat entertainment feature can even be connected to a smartphone and can display images and videos that are separate from each other. As a result, the rear passengers feel more comfortable sitting in the cabin of this Toyota Kijang Gen-7.

Sitting in the third row of seats is also still comfortable, because the cabin space is more spacious with the addition of a 185 mm wheelbase compared to the old model, to 2,850 mm.

4. Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 Feature

The next advantage of Toyota Innova Zenix is the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 feature. This technology is similar in Toyota Voxy and bZ4X, integrated with Pre-Colission System (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) with Curve Speed Reduction, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), and Automatic High Beam (AHB).

There are several new things in TSS 3.0 compared to TSS 2.0. First, the forward detection distance has become wider, both up and down, and to the right and left. In addition, forward detection can now see a wider range of moving objects, even at closer distances. These two improvements fall under the technical aspects of radar.

The TSS 3.0 in Innova Zenix can now detect pedestrians and cyclists from the opposite direction. The system is also able to detect other vehicles and motorcyclists passing through intersections. Special, isn’t it?

5. Larger Head Unit Size Can Access NFC for E-Toll

The next advantage of Toyota Innova Zenix is the wider head unit size. Especially for the Innova Zenix hybrid type Q HV and V comes with a 10-inch audio screen, and type G uses a 9-inch screen.

There is smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Voice Recognition, and NFC E-Toll Card Checking. Especially for Innova Zenix type Q HV, it uses a 10-inch Dual Rear Seat Entertainment with Internet Connection for the second row bench. For information, the use of this 10-inch screen is the largest so far, considering that previously the highest model Innova Reborn Venturer was only 9 inches.

Other convenience features include a wireless charger for the Q HV model. Toyota also gives the latest Innova 4 USB C slots, digital Auto AC with Dual Zone in all Innova Zenix types. There is also Electric Parking Brake + Brake Hold (EPB + BH), Panoramic View Monitor and DVR that acts as a dashboard camera.

And not to forget, there is T-Intouch to comprehensively integrate the car and smartphone. Among the uses of T Intouch, car owners can find the location of the car just by looking at the smartphone (find my car). There is also a feature that makes it easy to find the vehicle if it is stolen (stolen vehicle tracking).



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